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There now seems to be a light at the end of this tunnel, four months into a project and I can finally see the end is near. Writing stories just doesn’t seem to get easier the more you do it. Ten years in now and if anything, the stories are harder to write, more complex and much more time-consuming.

(I wonder do other authors struggle, does it ever become easier?)

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The book I am talking about is called A Tale of Sorrow and Time. A trilogy I do hope someday I will be able to complete.

Book 1: True Love’s Last Kiss.

Book 2: A Mistake of Love.

Book 3: A Time to Remember and Forget.

Working titles can change, and other book titles have changed, although I do feel like these titles are set in stone. I have mapped out the trilogy as a whole and what I want to happen in each book, I am hoping for an overall word count of 250,000. Fingers crossed I make it there, I do worry about word count, quite a lot.

At the moment True Love’s Last Kiss stands at just north of 40,000 words and I am nearing the end, I was hoping for a word count of somewhere in the ballpark of 70,000 plus. So hopefully I find 30k words from somewhere. I think I’ll have to take more chapters from the 1st draft to make up the word count, not to worry that usually happens.

So, there has been some news on the publishing end, I am aiming for a release date of Jan/Feb of next year. My painstaking search for cover designers is starting, I’ve been in contact with one artist, but she will not be available, so the search continues. I’ve been in contact with Clay’s printing to figure out if it’s worth using them, turns out it’s not. The price they charge is far too high for me to use, I’d be losing money using them.

So the search continues.

I’ve been approached by an agent who advised me to send my work off to her friend, but something inside me is turning me away from traditional publishing, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth about it for some time. When all you ever get is sexist responses and downright digits, I’ll take the advice-giving to me a long time ago.

Do it all yourself, you’ll make more money and don’t have to deal with industry people’

So for now, I’ll continue writing and searching and hopefully someday True Love’s Last Kiss will be in storefronts.




Welcome to my internal monologue, I surprise myself sometimes.

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Jason Donoghue

Jason Donoghue

Welcome to my internal monologue, I surprise myself sometimes.

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